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5 ways to make money online-Technicaljankari

5 ways to make money online – Technicaljankari

5 ways to make mony online.

Hello friends my name is lokesh Pareek and in this article I am going to show you 5 ways to make money online.Today is a modern time and many peoples know about technology.Technology and internet is increase speedily day by day.Many peoples is like to earn mony online then jobs.Many peoples earn lakhs of Rs. With the help of online ways.We also earn lot of money but earning money from online is take time so we do best work and one day we earn more money.I write post for what,many peoples upload videos on YouTube,affiliate marketing,Facebook there are thousand of ways to earn money online.I show you best 5 ways to make money online.earn money online is best way to make money home.we make lakhs of rs. at home by the help of online marketing.

5 ways to make money online-Technicaljankari


YouTube is the population way to make money online.Today many people are earn money from YouTube.In YouTube they make there video and published on there channel.On YouTube if you se the advertisement on the videos these ads are shown by AdSense.

AdSense show there ads on YouTube videos when some one click on ads AdSense pay some amount to the owner of the channel.youcan also earn money with YouTube.you make a channel on YouTube and upload videos but there is a problem to get AdSense approval you want 10 k views on your Chanel.when you cross 10k views on YouTube you able to apply for AdSense.When you apply for AdSense after apply if your channel does not contain copyright material your channel got AdSense approval.To get AdSense approval you not use copyright content in your video and don’t copy another channel video you make your original content and upload on YouTube after getting 10k views on YouTube you apply for AdSense you easily get AdSense approval.YouTube is easy and right way to make money so you also try YouTube if you want to make money.


If you want to make money online and you did not get idea which topic you choose.Blog is the best way to make lakhs of money.In blogging you share your ideas by writing blog.you write blog on any topic.blogging is similar to YouTube but in youtube you upload videos and in blogging you write blog on website

To start blogging you buy domain on any domain provider .Best domain provider of the world is godaddy.Then you buy hosting.The best hosting g provider is hostgator. If you make want to make free blog you make blog on blogger.Blogger is a google product and you can easily make blog.but in blogger the website owner is google.If you want to make your own website you make your own website on WordPress.WordPress is a free product and you can make best website on WordPress.After making website you write 20-30 minimum post in your website,make pages(about us,contact us,privacypolicy,disclaimer and sitemap).Then apply for AdSense in few days you easily get AdSense approval but there is a mistake in your website and you not follow AdSense rules you cannot able to get AdSense approval.


Today many peoples are use Facebook share there emotion,images and etc. But ,face book is also the way of earning money.In Facebook you make money by AdSense like YouTube and blog .many peoples have famous pages they make pages on there fb and upload images and post on there page.when they get many likes on there pages and views they apply for AdSense andonetize there page.when visitors click on there adsthey get paid by this.

4.Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a different way to make money online.In affiliate marketing many peoples earn money.They make there account of affiliate marketting on flipkart or amazon.They share link of there products on fb,Instagram,YouTube,website when any person click on these link and buy any product.The owner is get commission on this product.

5.writing articles.

On google you write article on any topics.there is a website fiverr.com in this website you write articles and when any get buy this articles fromyou you sell this article in sufficient money .By writing articles you can easily make thousands of Rupees.

If you like my ideas please try any one idea I shire you earn sufficient money.




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