Tuesday , December 18 2018
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 Technical Jankari

technical jankari

In this website Technical Jankari, i want to share knowledge about youtube, AdSense, blogging, SEO and other topics of technology and Digital Marketing. In this website Technical Jankari, I’ll give knowledge about many interesting ideas and it will help you technically in your business. This website Technical Jankari, provide a better information.I hope the information which is provide by this site is right and if there is a mistake in the information please inform us.

About me

Hello friends my name is lokesh pareek and I am a student.I am in 11th class and by this website  I am sharing my basic knowledge about some topics related with Adsense, youtube ,blogging, SEO and other topics.I recently start blogging and i am not a professional blogger but i’ll try my best to give you  right knowledge and information. I have a mission to make this website big and i need help of my visitors to support my site.