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Blogging vs youtube which is best for earning-Technicaljankari.

Blogging vs YouTube which is best for earning.

Hello friends,my name is lokesh Pareek and in this article I am showing you blogging vs YouTube which is best for earning.Today YouTube is very popular and day by day competitors are increase.many lakhs of creators make there channel on YouTube per day and it is not easy to make money easily on YouTube.Many peoples confuse that which topic they choose to earn money.If you want to make money online YouTube and blogging are both the better option.But there is a big difference in YouTube and blogging.with the help of blogging you make money more and faster than YouTube.

There is a the of technology and all peoples want to make money online.Manypeoples make lakhs of money online.YouTube and Blogging is the best examples .YouTube is very popular many lakhs of people upload video on YouTube and earn money but in blogging we write some post and apply for AdSense .in blogging we make moreoney because the CPC of blogging is higher than YouTube.If  we able to get views on money similar to YouTube we easily make 1000$ around, but we not make that money on YouTube because YouTube CPC is 10 time less than blogging.


YouTube is a method to earn money in which we upload some videos.If our channel is able to make 1000 subscriber and watch time of 4000 hours.After these work we will able to apply for AdSense approval and we easily get AdSense approval on YouTube.To cross 1000 subscriber and watch time of 4000 hours we take time of 1 week or take 1 month also because it is dependent on your luck and your patience .If you get AdSense approval and ads are showing on your video when some people click on your ads according to CPC you will get paid.when you reach on threshold of 100$ your money is transfer in your bank by AdSense.


In blogging you first you want to make your blog.for making a blog you purchase a domain name from best domain name provider (go and then you buy hosting on best hosting provider according to me hostgator is best for hosting.Make a good design website.Most of the website are make by WordPress and it is the nest platform to make a blog.If you want make a blog without no investment you make free blog on .blogger is a google product and you easily make a blog on it but WordPress is better option.After making a website choose a template for website which is good in design.

For want AdSense approval you upload some post around 20-30 and make pages on your blog (privacy policy, disclaimer, about us ,contact us,sitemap).Then apply for AdSense if your website is no mistake AdSense is approved your blog easily.after approval ads are show on your post and homepage when some click on your ads you will get paid according to your CPC.blogging CPC is 10 times more than YouTube.

Blogging vs YouTube:-

      • AdSense approval-

YouTube is required 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber without this we can not able to approve regular upload videos on YouTube and there is a chance that you can approval in first week or take more time.on YouTube if you are lucky you get easily AdSense approval.

Blogging is totally different from YouTube .in blogging traffic does not matter if our blog is well designed and unique content we get easily AdSense approval. To get AdSense approval you upload some post and apply for AdSense you get easily approval.If you give similar time to blogging like YouTube you easily make more money that YouTube.Blogging isesy from YouTube to get AdSense approval.


In YouTube there is a big difference in earning of YouTube and blog.In YouTube we get easily rank our YouTube video and get views but day by day competition is increase and difficult to get views on YouTube.without 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscriber we cannot apply for AdSense .Any how after sometime we get AdSense approval but AdSense CPC is very low

In blogging a small blogger is also make around 200$ easily per month,because AdSense CPC is 10 times higher than YouTube.In AdSense we can get easily AdSense approval by follow some steps.If we get us and ul k traffic we get CPC of 1 or 2$ in one click.

     • CPC-

CPC means cost per click .in YouTube after approval of AdSense ,AdSense show ads on our video.If any people click on these ads AdSense give revenue according to CPC.example – if your click is 100 and CPC is 0.01$ your revenue is 1$.AdSense CPC of YouTube is very low and we cannot make money similar to YouTube.

Blogger CPC is very high.blogger CPC in India is approximately 0.15$ if our click of one day is 6 we can make 1$ per day only in 6 click.There is big difference in YouTube and blogger CPC because we make 1$ in YouTube after 100 click and in blog only in 6 click.

You understand that which is best platform for earn money in both YouTube and blogging.Blogging is best option than YouTube because in blogging small blogger is also make 100-200$ per month but in uyoutube it is difficult to make this money for new YouTube’s.



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