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How to get traffic on website by facebook page

How to get traffic on website by facebook page

How to get traffic on website by facebook page

Hello friends,in this article i am going to show you How to get traffic on website by facebook page.face book is the popular way to share your experience and talent many people make there pages on take time to rank on google first page and there is more difficult to rank your new website.From google to get traffic in starting is more difficult.Tgen you thought that how you get traffic because withou traffic you not able to rank then how you get traffic when your website does not rank.There is a sollution to get more approx. 5 thousand traffic per day on your site and the sollution is social media.In social media facebook is the most popular way to get traffic so,you can try this method.Facebook page is a different style to get visitors on your site.But you see many people work hard also on face book page but they not get likes on page to get likes you want to invest some money on facebook page.How to get traffic on website by facebook page

How to get traffic on website by facebook page.

Friends, you thought that what you do to get likes on your page and what you do after getting likes on your page so in this article i will show you some tips to get page likes and get traffic with your facebook page.

Ex. There is a famous facebook page the name of page was sarcasm this is a very famous facebook page and this page have around 32 million likes.The owner of this page have also a website of same name the website owner is shared the link of his website article on his page and get amazzing traffic. He earn amazing money with AdSense or other third advertisement comany.By this method you can earn amazing earny and get traffic.


First you make a page on facebook if you did not know how to make facebok page comment in comment box i write seprate article for you to make facebook page.Then you make website and website name and facebook page name are similar.ex. you makea website name bollywood entertainment and make sure your website and facebook page name are same.your facebook page have unique and fuuny content are contain .Sent request to friends to like  your get some likes to get more likes follow next step.




After making a page and website you want to get more likes on your page.To get limes you want to invest some money on your page.Your page get amazing likes if you invest some money in your page.If your budget is more and more you get more likes but the minimum budget is 3000 rupees.If you invest 3000 money on your page and choose countary for your facebook page india ,pakistan,malysia you get around 7000 likes on your page .




The next step to get traffic on your site is update regularly you facebook page.publish 5 post every day.In 5 post there arw three videos and 2 images.and similarly you upload on article on your website not unique choose any topic according to my experience. Daily update your facebook page and website.share your website article on facebook page.This effect that your article is share between in 7000 peoples and you get amazing traffic on your website.if you follow this step for three month daily and spend 1 hour daily in this work you get amazing traffic and your CPC is also increase of your website

By this method if yousearch for how to get views then you have not need to search you have try this  method sure you get views on website.first you want to make visitors on your website


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