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How to get 10k views on YouTube and earn money

How to get 10k views on youtube and earn money

How to get 10k views on YouTube and earn money

Hello friends in this article I am going to show you how to get 10k views on YouTube.many peoples know that YouTube has new policy in which to start monetization on there channel the channel required 10k views .many peoples work on YouTube and they want to earn money by YouTube. Today that is difficult to earn money because to day many lakhs of people upload there video in a day .Today competition is increase .New YouTube’s have face many difficulties in starting they did not get 10k views on there channel and many YouTube’s quite there channel before get 10k views on there channel.get views on YouTube is not difficult work so today I show you some tips to get 10k views on YouTube.I share some secret tips of YouTube which help you to get 10 thousand views fast on YouTube.

Friends today YouTube make change in there policies and to start monetization youtuberes are required 10k views.without 10k views YouTube’s did not able to start today I show you great tips to rank your video on YouTube 1st page and gain views faster.YouTube is the best way to start your first earning but today this is difficult to earn money on YouTube but by these tips to rank your video and increase views.

How to get 10k views on YouTube and earn money keyword planner

what is google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a tool with the help of this tool you can easily finds trading topic .Google keyword planner help in finding keyword .you can see all keyword of your topic ,google keyword planner show you best competition between I advised to you that you use keyword planner and rank your website on YouTube first page. When your video is rank on YouTube first page your video is easily get 10k views .Before uploading a video you want to search video keyword in keyword planner.This is the best tool to increase your views by ranking your video on YouTube first page.


how to use google keyword planner.

Using of google keyword planner is very search keyword after go in planner and after searching keyword planner show you related keyword with there competition ,searches,and can choose best keyword for your video and use this keyword in your video.In few days your video is confirmly rank on first page of YouTube.many lakhs of people use this tool and benifited.By using this tool your earning is also increase because when you choose high CPC keyword your video get high CPC and your earning is increase fast.

2.Tag tube

This is the best app to rank your video and increase your views fast .By the help of this tool you can find tags of your favourite which topic you want to make video search this title and you find the tag of 1 and second rank videos.By the help of this app you can easily find the tag of best videos which you paste the tag of the videos in your video.

how to use tag tube.

This is very simple to use this app .you copy the link of video which you want to find the tag and copy the link.after copy the link you go to tag tube and go into paste your URL and paste the URL .after paste URL click OK and all tags of the video was copy the all tags of video and paste into your video tags

The next method to find tags of video is you go into the app tag tube and click on first option and write the title of a video which you like .the top 6 videos tag are opened and you paste these tag and Paste in your video.


If friends you want to get 10 k views faster and you search how to get 10k views on youtubeand earn money then you try my tips I promise you easily get 10k views on also try these tips that you cannot copy another video,you choose best content,your video quality is best,use tags in your video,ad description in video,share your video .you easily get 10 k views on YouTube.

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