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How to make money from new website

How to make money from new website

How to make money from new website

Hello friends my name is lokesh pareek and i will go to show you How to make money from new website.if you know that blogging is a best option to make money online but in starting there was difficult to earn because in starting we can not rank our website and did not get views.many peoples starting new blog and they hope that in fucture they earn more money and make courier in blogging but some bloggers did not know about SEO and some imporatnt guidelines of blogging. In starting people cannot make traffic and after write 20 -30 article they left the blogging .so today i show you if you not want  left the blogging then you read this article about how to make money from new website.

I will show you some amazing methods which are help you to grow your website and you get amazing traffic on your blog.

How to make money from new website

If you not get traffic and you thought that i want left the blog so please follow these steps to because they are amazing and almost professional bloggers are use these method so you also try these method.i sure you easily get 1000 around traffic by follow these stwps so please full read this article and improve your blog.

How to make money from new website.

1.facebook page.

This is the first method in this method you get traffic from facebook page.If you know about that faceBook is the popular way to share your knowledge and in thse three method  this method is my favourite method.Yiu thought that how facebook page is help you to get traffic then i show you how you get traffic from faceook page. i make a seprate article on how to get traffic from facebook page if you want to know in detail then read this article.

You want to get traffic from facebook page. First you want to make a facebook page then make sure your website name and page name are similar or same.Then you make a website and write one article daily and also share this article on facebook page.If you want to know how you get likes on your facebook page then read full topic.

In market there aree many famous facebook page like rajnikant vs cid and sarcasm etc.these pages are millions of likes.basically the owner of these pages arealso have website and rajnikant vs cid.these are the very popular pages some month ago no one knoWS these pages.Today they earn amazing money.

They upload some post on there page  in these some post are videos and some images and they also upload articles on there website .Thy share there post on there page . If you thought that they share there page and they have around 8,00,000 likes if only 10% peoples are watch then thought that how much traffic they get in one day they get one lakh views only from there page from different countries

If you want to get likes on your page you want to invest some money on your page.the minimum budget per day is 45 rupees of one day. According to my knowledge you want to invest 5000 rupees minimum this is best amound for new bloggers.if you invest 5000 amount and your contain is good then you easily get 10000 likes .thought how much traffic you get from facebook.

2.Event blogging.

Event blogging is similar to blogging.In event blogging you want to write article on festival and trending topic.

Ex if you k ow that two years ago a freedom mobile was launch and it is very popular.Daily lakhs of people are search on net about freedom mobile.many peoples do that they make website on domain name buy freedom mobile and rank this keyword in few days and they get amazing traffic and get morw money in only one day.This is the best and best method to earn money from new website.

The topic which is now in trending or popular .you make website on those topic and rank in google i surw you get amzing traffic on this topic.

IF you want to know how you rank this keyword and your website for rank you want to know about method to rank your website is create backlinks.

3.keyword resarching.

Many few peoples are know about this method but this is an amazing method in this method you want to do keyword reasrching. Keyword reasarching means you you want to search about trwnding topics and write article on those topics which competition is low.

Mainly peoples are do that they make there blog and continiously write article but they did not get traffic and after sometime they get disappointed.if you want to get traffic then follow this method completely.

You want to choose 10 keywords first which is in trending and competition is low and you want to rank these keyword in all famous search engine like google,bimg yahoo.Fir rank this keyword you want to know about seo and make backlinks

So if you want to make money and search for how to make mone from new website then you try these method i sure you easily get 1k around traffic if you follow these steps.




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