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montenegro independence day i
montenegro independence day

montenegro independence day – 21 may

montenegro independence :-

montenegro independence day date : 21 may on sunday 2018

montenegro independence day: hello friends in this post i will show you about montenegro independence day – 21 may. An independence referendum was held in Montenegro on 21 May 2006.  On 31 May, the referendum commission officially confirmed the results of the referendum, verifying that 55.5% of the population of Montenegrin voters had voted in favor of independence.

[2][3] Because voters met the controversial threshold requirement of 55% approval set by the European Union, the referendum was incorporated into a declaration of “montengro independence” during a special parliamentary session on 31 May. The Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro made a formal Declaration of Independence on Saturday 3 June.

montenegro independence referendum

montenegro independence day i
montenegro independence day

montenegrin independence referendum :

it was approved 55.5% of voters , narrowly passing the 55% threshold by 21st may parliamentary referendum result were recognized by all five permanent members of the united nations security council , suggesting widespead international recognition were to become formally independent.

montenegrin independence referendum .In response to the announcement, the government of Serbia declared itself the legal and political successor of Serbia and Montenegro,


[5] and that the government and parliament of Serbia itself would soon adopt a new constitution.macedonia independence day .The European Union, the United States, the People’s Republic of China, and the Russian Federationall expressed their intentions to respect the referendum results.

montenegro independence referendum
Country in the Balkans
Montenegro independence dais celebrated Balkan country with rugged mountains, medieval villages and a narrow strip of beaches along its Adriatic coastline.
The Bay of Kotor, resembling a fjord, is dotted with coastal churches and fortified towns such as Kotor and Herceg Novi. Durmitor National Park, home to bears and wolves, encompasses limestone peaks, glacial lakes and 1,300m-deep Tara River Canyon.montenegro independence from ottoman empire

montenegro independence day

montenegro independence day

The montengro Referendum Bill obliged the Parliament, which introduced the referendum, to respect its outcome. It had to declare the official results within 15 days following the voting day, and act upon them within 60 days.

The newly independent country of Serbia, which is the successor state to the state union of Serbia and Montenegro idependent, while favouring a loose federation, has stated publicly that it would respect the outcome of the referendum, and not interfere with Montenegrin independence sovereignty.

The dissolution of Parliament was required upon the passage of any bill proposing constitutional changes to the status of the state, and a new Parliament was required to convene within ninety days. For such changes to be enacted, the new Parliament was required to support the bill with a two-thirds majority.

i hope you will like montenegro independence day post . i think all peoples are happy on 21st may because montenegro independence is celebrated on 21st may

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