Ensure Health & Safety with the My lab CoviSelf COVID-19 Test Kit

Ensure Health & Safety with the My lab CoviSelf COVID-19 Test Kit  As you all know, Kovid-19 is one of the most dangerous diseases, this virus has affected the whole world. It has been 2 years since this virus has not come, while there has been a decrease in its number globally, but the fight against it is not over yet, so all of you take care of yourself and follow all its safety rules. It is very important that along with the reopening of schools, colleges and government offices or private companies across India, it has been made mandatory to follow the safety rules of Kovid-19 like wearing a mask, using sanitizer and washing hands and covid Using RAT kit for quick reporting of 19

Ensure Health & Safety What is RAT Kits?

This is a rapid antigen test kit and it is easily available at the medical store, you can also buy it online and its cost is about  ₹ 250 only and it helps in detecting the presence or absence of antigen. After that you get the result after just 5 to 30 minutes and it indicates a positive result and infection if you are infected.

  • This kit is beneficial for us in many ways
  • It can be used by any normal person comfortably
  • And this kit is helpful in mass testing
  • This allows you to quickly identify the person infected with you.

Ensure Health & Safety  Mylab CoviSelf COVID-19 Self Test Kit 

The Mylab coviself test kit has been approved by the India Council of Medical Research. It is capable of detecting the presence of COVID-19 using a nasal sample. Individuals with symptomatic but negative test results should establish whether they have received rt- There is infection through R.T.P.C.R test

  • This RAT Cat is available in different packs that you can buy according to your needs for your family and yourself.
  • This kit has to be kept away from sunlight and children and we can keep it in a cool and dry place,
  • there will be no use by using it after the expiry date.
  • All the accessories and related equipment have been provided inside it, which are used only once.
  • Persons who are 18 years of age or above can get themselves tested and those who are between 2 to 18 years of age can get themselves tested with someone’s help.
  • To know its results, you have to download the coviself app and register yourself on it.

How to do RAT test using kit at home?

If you are ready to test it yourself then wash and dry your hands and set the time of a clock Also find a clean and hygienic place to test it Also usually you will need an instruction book a swab a test card or The bandage will provide a pre-filled extraction tube and a waste disposal bag

1. You put two to 4 cm nasal swab in both the nostrils of your nose, roll the swab properly at least 5 times in both your nostrils

2. Submerge the swab in the pre-filled extraction tube, replace the tube at the bottom and feed at least six to 10 times

3. Now take your head out of the tube or find the breaking point by closing the lid of the tube

4. Put two full drops of this liquid in the test card

5. You have to take the test for 15 minutes to know your result

6. If only one red line appears against the C marked on the test card then it means that you have tested negative against the virus. have tested positive

7. If only one red line appears in front of T or no sight is visible then it means that your test is not done properly then you have to do your test again

8. Throw all garbage in the disposal bag Disinfect the place or surface that the sample has touched and then wash your hands properly


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