How to save Facebook videos to your phone’s gallery: 

How to save Facebook videos to your phone’s gallery: 

How to save Facebook videos to your phone’s gallery Friends, you may be aware that numerous videos have gone popular on Facebook and other social media platforms recently. If you’re trying to figure out how to  download Facebook movies to your mobile gallery but are  having trouble, there are a few things  you may try. Finally, you may be unable to download videos; thus, today I will demonstrate some strategies that will allow you to  effortlessly download videos from  Facebook and other social networking  sites. So, friends, are you ready to learn “how to download Facebook videos from  gallery”? .If you use Facebook on a daily basis and come across a lot of intriguing videos, you might want to try to download them, but many people don’t know how.

How to save Facebook videos to your phone’s gallery

If you have an Android device and want to download Facebook videos but don’t know how, you may use this tutorial to  learn how to download Facebook videos to your gallery. You’ll find some fantastic suggestions for how to download Facebook videos to  your mobile device right here. We are aware that the official  Facebook app does not allow a direct option to  download any embedded video. No such choice will be available to Facebook Lite users. You will not be able to save or download the Facebook video if you use Google  Chrome to access the website.

how to get Facebook videos on your phone

if you are using  a computer, downloading Facebook videos is simple, but if you’re using an Android or mobile device, you’ll need to take some additional steps. You will not be able to download any Facebook videos straight to your mobile device since Facebook does not provide a tool for users to download Facebook  videos to their mobile devices. Many apps are available on the Play  Store that provide you with some intriguing features such as the ability to simply download Facebook videos. However, there is a security issue with  some Facebook apps, so in this post, I will  show you the names of some  fascinating apps as well as some  techniques for downloading Facebook  videos.

Method 1: using my video downloader

How to Download Facebook Videos on android mobile

My video downloader is an Android application that allows you to download Facebook videos quickly and effortlessly This application is available on the Google Play Store and is designed to  allow users to download Facebook  videos to their mobile devices.

This is a free app that allows you to save Facebook videos to your phone’s gallery. There are very few advertisements in this app. 2018’s most popular app is my video downloader. You can effortlessly download Facebook videos in HD quality with this programme. Any image on Facebook can be  downloaded.

1.Install the ‘My Video Downloader’ app first ,then open it and log in with your  Facebook account.

2.The programme is known as a  Facebook explorer, and it allows you to copy Facebook video and image links, as well as download and save them.

3.Android 4.0 and later smartphones are compatible with the app .From the app’s context menu, select “News Feed” and  search for the video you want to save or download to your mobile device.

4.In your mobile gallery, tap on the  video you wish to download. You will  have two choices.
Download” and “Download with name” are two options.

5.If you select the first option, the  Facebook video will begin to download to your  mobile device right away.

6,You will be redirected if you select  another option.

So, friends, I hope you enjoy this approach of saving Facebook movies to your smartphone gallery. This application is  safe to use, and you can use it without worry This application protects your personal  information.

Method 2: Download videos from Facebook with “Video Downloader for  Facebook.”

how to save Facebook videos to your  gallery 

The easiest way to download Facebook  videos is with friends video downloader These videos are available for download and viewing on Facebook. This app is designed to allow you to  download Facebook videos from your  Android device. If you log onto Facebook, you’ll see a  news feed, a shared videos section, photos, and a variety of other videos. If you use a video downloader, simply  click on your favorite video on your  phone, and the video will not start like it does on the Facebook app. You will be given two options: download or watch video. Choose the download  option to save this video to your mobile gallery. This video is available on the Google  Play Store. This software is available for free on the Google Play Store.

3rd Technique

how to download Facebook videos  without an app on an android phone

If you want to download videos from Facebook on your Android device  without using an app,  This method allows you to download  any Facebook video without having to  download an app.

If you want to download videos from Facebook without using an app. Log in to your Facebook account using  the Chrome browser on your mobile device.

1.To begin, go to Facebook’s news feed  and select the videos you wish to save to  your phone.

2.Now, in the top-right corner of the video, select the  down-arrow option.

3.Select “Save Video” from the drop-down menu.

4.This option allows you to store the  video to your Facebook profile and watch it later without using any additional  data.

5.To see a list of saved videos, go to the settings tab and then to the “Saved”  section. Make a click on

Friends, I hope you understand these  three methods. To summaries, this posts how you how to download Facebook  videos to your mobile gallery. I believe you will  now beable to download Facebook  videos to your Android phone. Let’s  enjoy all of the Facebook videos and  never look up how to save Facebook  videos from the gallery.

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