phonePe work from home fixed salary |10th pass

phonePe work from home fixed salary:- I have talked to the job and they told that there is nothing to worry, just a little bit hello friends how are you like you know my name is Ankit Verma I have come for you today related to full time job and part time job Article Today I will tell you how to earn money without investing anywhere ₹ 1 is very far away friends today I will not let you spend even 25 paise anywhere and I will tell you how to earn money Won’t let phonepe work for the company, you can do work from home job sitting at your home and you can get fixed salary up to ₹ 23000 for!

this work from home job, you don’t even need to be a graduate friends Friends, if you are absolutely under pressure, till date you have not worked anywhere, then you can also do work from home job sitting at home for this well-known company, friends, if you are also 12th pass, then you will get this work from home job. And you can get fixed salary up to ₹ 23000, then friends you can go to any corner of India. You live in the comfort of your home, whether you can work for a big company like your village, town or anywhere, sitting at home on the phone and cannot go the day after tomorrow, this is a very golden opportunity for you, friends, big and big. Whatever benefits you get in the company, now you will get


phonePe work from home fixed salary |10th pass  Friends, today I tell you a very easy trick phonePe work from home is very easy and simple to get job and that is that you apply in more and more companies from work from To get a home job so that your work from home job will be found in some company or the other and I am telling you the way to get work from home job, it does not cost you a single rupee.

There is no middleman, agent or consultant, who will ask you for money for any reason, so the easiest way to get work from home job is to apply in as many companies as possible and it takes 15 to 20 minutes to apply. Just friends, today I am going to get you a work from home job in the company on the phone, in this company you have to do the work of customer support, that is, you have to help those who are customers or customers on the phone.

It is okay on the phone or through chat, you do not need any technical knowledge and the entire training is given to you by the phonepe company only. The way to apply for this work from home job of the company on the phone is just 2 minutes. Friends, today I will tell you about a mobile app, this mobile app is the hiring partner of phonepe company, that is, training partner, you just have to put your details on this mobile app and how to put it, I will tell you in this article and detail I will show this mobile app for 100% free It also provides an online training that how to give interview in phonepe company so that your chances of getting work from home job increase as much as possible after that

This mobile app gets you interviewed in the company on the phone and then gives you an offer letter for joining and in return never mind a single penny from you before the interview and neither after the interview nor before getting the job nor getting the job. After 6 months of getting a job, after 6 months, all the life is free, so let me tell you how to do it friends, by clicking on this link, you can know about the app from which you can easily get a job, click hair this app Name of able jobs jobs interview preparation APP


phonePe work from home fixed salary |10th pass phonepe work from home You install this app in your mobile phone, this app is easily available on play store now you will open this app after that it is written Get started here your full After filling the name, you have to enter your mobile number on which WhatsApp is also running, after that an OTP will come on your mobile phone and it automatically recognizes an OTP and selects it, you do not have to do it.

After that the next page will open, after that comes the location X, you allow it, then after that a page will open, it will be written on top of it phonepe assessment, that is, your phonepe work from home here in a big company like a phonepe work from home fix Assessment will start for salary job, click on the place where continue is not written below

phonePe work from home fixed salary |10th pass :- So now a page will open friends it is written on it phonepe customer support executive You will get complete training from online phone itself, now I will tell you how to apply here, now I will scroll this page upwards and click on next button, now friends see here asking you 4 questions will be asked here On first question are you in 12th class here click on YES second question are you ok with working from home

Here also click on YES  Third question are you Fluent in Hindi Click on YES here also Fourth question are you in Fluent in English Click on YES here also Click on YES on all of the four questions This is just a formality Don’t be afraid to see whether you know English or not, this is just a formality, I have talked to Able Job App, they have told that if you know a little bit of English and even if you do not, you can still do this. If you can do the job, then there is nothing to worry about, friends, if you work a little bit, you know English, then you click on it, in all these options, only click on YES and click on NEXT BUTTON

CONGRATULATIONS :- you are eligible to move Fordward ,please keep moving ahead that means you are ready to move ahead now you will reach next page


phonePe work from home fixed salary |10th pass

This means friends, through this capable job app, you will get very good hundred percent free preparation training or search, which will increase your chances of getting work from home jobs on this phone, almost hundred percent becomes ok now see below it is written if you complete this course and need assessment criterion reline not interview with the company now see only job mobile app does your assessment how that too i will tell you later on this article in and below

Look friends what do I have to do that what you have to do is the first point that you have to go above the next flight, you have to support the assessment, if you have completed the assessments, then you will get some WhatsApp from you and the job, S.M.S will come or email Will come or phone call will be fine and you will be interviewed PHONEPEWhere you will be able to work-from-home and get fixed salary of 23000 months ok

Friends will now click on the next button, now here the details of the work done on the phone are given above it, the name of the company is written on top of it PHONEPE is written below it CUSTOMER SUPPORT EXECUTIVE  well below it  it is written that salary is 18000 for FRESHERS LOCATION :- WORK FROM HOME  After this it is written below, there is information about the company, it is a leading payment app on the phone, it is known to everyone inside India, well you will be very happy to work here, salary is good here

Apart from this, you get all the benefits of big companies for their employees, even if you are working from home, benefits benefits, you get all the brothers who work in the office PHONEPE Now in the company, raise this light a bit and click on the next button, now it is written here ABOUT THE COMPANY  Now here too I will raise the flight and click on the next button

Now here on this phone about the company and information friends are being given to you, this information is being given to you because the friend whose name is and the job so that when you have an actual interview in the PHONEPE company, then you should know about the company. So that if you ask any question, then you can answer them properly and

Your love work-from-home in which you can get fixed salary up to ₹ 23000 month, its chances increase more now i will up the page and click on next button now see here what is the responsibilities of your customer support Now information has been written about what you will have to do.

S A Customer Support Executive You Will Be Responsible For Help In The Company Customer With Query And Overall Email And Chat ie All Customers On PHONEPE  They Have Any Problem Or Any Problem While Using This Application You Just Have To Ask Their Questions Whether to answer S.M.S by email, call or chat, and what to answer

PHONEPE company will tell its complete training online, after that we will SCROLL  this light upwards and click on the NEXT button, now this page will open friends, the first one seen here is the nature of the job work from home whatever you want. Even if you are in 12th pass, you can do more than that, you can get this complete information on this page, after that you will SCROLL this light upwards and click on the next button, it is asking now.

Would you like to do this work, if you want to do it and there will be an assessment of mobile job on this app, it will be checked now, will you be able to do this work, how much training do you need, all these things in hundred percent free ABLE  APP’s team or You will be provided by the company itself, now we will turn this light from above and turn off the net, it is written here


AUDIO EXERCISES  Some SLIDE to come next, I will have written something, just you have to read that right and it is recording here, how let me tell you, I will SCROLL this light upwards and click on the next button to see Now see here it is written in the following flights, you will have to short for assessment, if you perform or record it properly, then you will be shortlisted, you go somewhere quiet and complete this audio exercise, now this line Will do the above and click on the next button, see now

It is written here, read and record it has four steps, the first is to ask the question, the second is to press the record button, the third is to read the sentence, the fourth is to upload the recording, now it is written below, read and record the following is now written below. Record it and upload it, we will move on to the next exercise, I will SCROLL the light upwards and do the next, now I have to exercise here too.

After reading it, recording it and uploading it, call upwards, then an option will come below, by clicking on it a form will open in front of you, it will open above GOOGLE DOCS, you have to give it, after that on PHONEPE, the vacancies are work from home key. For that you will be CONSIDER ok, so for now let me show you by clicking on the check link, now see here a form will open above google docs PHONEPE JOB APPLICATION FORM

Will fill this form After filling this form you are free because you have applied for work from home job for a big company like on phone now this form is filled this form we have filled this form google from name The site is full, ok now friends, back on top of the mobile and I will tell you in a few details, after going back to the job, a page will open, click on the button of the net, we will give it a rating, after that we will close the net. Click on Finish here

Now you will be contacted through Able job mobile app through call or through email and now you will be prepared for interview for phonePe work from home company ok and it will be hundred percent free and after completion of interview training your A revision will also be done to make sure you share this work from home jobs with salary up to ₹3000

You will get it i.e. this job mobile app does not want to leave any gap, it wants you to get the job of work-from-home, well after that you will get an online interview in PHONEPE company and after that you will get offer letter. and you can start work-from-home


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