Top 5 bloggers of India and there earnings.

Top 5 bloggers of India:-  Hello friends, in this article I will show you the list of Top 5 bloggers of India and there earnings. If your are a blogger and you have recently start your blogging and for motivation you want to know about Top 5 bloggers of India so in this article i include Top 5 bloggers of India and there earnings.

I hope this information give you confidence to work on your blog. When i start blogging courier then i did not believe that peoples are earn lakhs of money with blogging and I research about top 5 bloggers because when we start in any field .

The most important thing is that information like we want to make scientist in future then we are easily tell the peoples about scientist names there invention because our interest is in this field.

First start something we want to know about the proper knowledge of that field which is our goal. The person who want to make blogger and the interest of person is in writing then the person is follow all the person which is best in blogging so i want to connect all Top 5 bloggers of India.

I will also show you there earnings because some peoples did not believe that a blogger earning is really lakh of money per month. They thought person are easily earn in blogging and there was no difficulty in there life. If you thought this then you are completely wrong because it is more difficult to make courier in blogging and today.

if you want to start blogging then it is more difficult. If you want to make a success blogger then you want to do more work and give some time to your blog.


Top 5 bloggers of India

This is the list of Top 5 bloggers of India and there earnings which is earn high by using google AdSense, affiliate marketing and other sources. I will show you the list of top 5 bloggers in 5 to 1. No.

5.Faisal Forroque.

This bloggers is come on no. 5 in the top 5 bloggers of India. You don’t know about the name of this blogger but i sure you know the name of the website of this blogger. The website of this blogger is very popular .faisal forroque sir website name is and they write about electronic ,and other product review and they are real.

Many peoples are earn from there website they review product and get paid by the owner of website. They review interesting product on there website. If you want to know review of any product you want to follow there website.

They are basically Indian but some time they live in us. Alexa rank of there website is very amazing .global rank also amazing.

India rank = 400-500 approx.

Global rank = 5500 approx.

So they are in the list of top 5 bloggers .

4.Ashish Sinha

This is come in the list of 4. in top 5 bloggers .Ashish Sinha is the founder of .They write blog related with the technology. The skills of writing the blog of this person is very amazing. The biography is outstanding. Ashish Sinha is work in big yahoo ,IBM and other companies. After work in companies they start blogging as full time carrier.

Monthly earning of ashish Sinha from there blog is amazing they earn — per month .Alexa and global rank is also amazing. I will show you Alexa and global ranking of there website

India rank= 2000-2500.

Global rank = 27000

So they are in the list of top 5 bloggers .

3.Shradha Sharma.

This is the only female which come on this great platform .She is come in the top 5 bloggers of India and i am proud on her. In blogging many few females are participate but this lady is most popular. They write blog on success story of peoples .They write approximately 15000 success story. There website name is

The monthly earning of shraddha Sharma from there blog is amazing it is approx. — per month. Global rank and India rank of your story is very low.

India =250-300

Global =3500

2.Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is very famous Indian blogger name and there website is also more popular. Success story of there blogging courier is very amazing. They already work in very big popular multinational companies but they was bore in work in companies and they left there job and start making courier in blogging and today they are very popular blogger of India.

They write blog which is related with tech and they are the popular blogger of India. The website name of there blog is Alexa and global rank of there website is

India rank = 1500 approx.

Global rank = 6600 approx.

Monthly income of

1.Harsh Agarwal.

Harsh Agarwal is very popular bloggers of India and they are no.1 blogger of India. They start there blog in 2008 .they write blogs which is related with tips and tricks, WordPress ,blog ,earning ,SEO .If you want to know about SEO I advised to you follow the website. The website name is very popular and name is .

They did not earn more money from AdSense they earn from affiliate marketing and the product is HostGator, Bluehost like companies.

THE earning of there blog is — per month. Alexa and global rank of there blog is amazing.

India rank = 476-450

Global rank =3500 approx.

SO friends they are the Top 5 bloggers of India and there earnings. You will also come on this level by blogging but you want to do very hard work.


Q.1Who is the youngest blogger in India ?

Ans .SAYAM PRADHAN  is the youngest blogger in India.

Q.2who is the richest blogger in India ?

Ans. AMIT AGARAWAL is the most richest blogger in India.

Q.3which blog is best for earning ?

ANS. The Huffington post .

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